Technological revolution at the service of dermatology: Penetration and efficiency never before achieved.

nanotech“Technology that allows transporting active ingredients encapsulated in nanometric liposomes with high penetration power”


Sesderma is a pioneer in applying nanotechnology in the development of dermo-cosmetic products, allowing us to obtain dermatological results previously unattainable.


They can be administered by all routes, from topical, oral, ophthalmic and otic to injectable. The liposomes go through the layers of the skin:

• √ corneocytes (transcellular pathway).

• √ intercorneocytic spaces.

• √ skin annexes.


Characteristics of liposomes

  • Extremely small vesicles primarily made up of phospholipids.
  • Their composition and structure is very akin to that of a cell membrane.
  • Transport active ingredients (liposolubles and hydrosoluble).
  • Allow a controlled release of the active ingredients so that they can act on their target of action.
  • Protect the encapsulated active ingredients and provide higher stability to the formulation.
  • Thanks to their level of penetration and controlled release, less amount of active ingredient are used, reducing unwanted side effects.
  • The main ingredient of the liposome, the phosphatidylcholine has the following properties:

 microscopia   Microscopía electrónica de liposomas unilamelares



Sesderma uses pharmaceutical grade liposomes, with small and homogeneous particles size (between 50 and 150 nm). Unilamellar liposomes; single bilayer.


Characteristics compare to other liposomes