NANOPORE PEN 02 is the most versatile micro-needling system, in pencil format, light and wireless, which stimulates collagen and favors the transepidermal absorption of active ingredients. Significantly improves the appearance and texture of the skin from the first session, reducing wrinkles and blemishes.

Its 8V motor is the most powerful on the market in terms of wireless micropuncture devices, providing effectiveness, precision and safety to treatments. One of the biggest benefits of NANOPORE PEN 02 is that it can work wirelessly or connected to an electrical source. It has two interchangeable batteries, with two hours of autonomy each.

Among the functionalities of NANOPORE PEN 02, its 6 programmable speeds for greater patient comfort stand out, with a digital indicator, which reach up to 9,600 rpm and 150 pulses per second.

The working depth of the needles is also adjustable, ranging from 0.25m to 1.5mm.