Cleanse the skin with SENSYSES Liposomal cleanser

Apply FERULAC Peel classic. Wash and disinfect the skin

Extract 2ml from VIAL 1 and 2ml from VIAL 2, and combine

Apply the mixture topically and make passes with NANOPORE

Seal the treatment with retinol, a mask, or an ampoule

Consumption per treatment 4ml (2ml/vial – up to 5 treatments)

Frequency: 4- 6 sessions every 2-3 weeks


A preparatory peel is recommended before using EXOSES LB to improve skin appearance with its active ingredients.

Microneedling sessions can be alternated with EXOSES LB with mesotherapy treatments or platelet-rich plasma every 15 days. It can also be combined in the same session.

The preparation of the skin with EXOSES LB and microneedling prior to the treatment with botulinum toxin or facial fillers will result in more beautiful and natural results. The better the skin quality, the less product will be needed prior to these procedures.

The topical application of EXOSES LB after aggressive procedures such as laser or plasma therapy can favor a faster recovery of the treated area.