NANOPORE PEN 02 is the most versatile electric microneedling system in pencil format—lightweight and wireless—which stimulates collagen and promotes transepidermal absorption of active ingredients. It significantly improves the appearance and texture of the skin from the first session, reducing wrinkles and imperfections.

Its 8V engine is the most powerful in the market in terms of wireless microneedling devices, ensuring an effective, accurate, and safe treatment. One of the main benefits of NANOPORE PEN 02 is that it can work wirelessly or connected to an electrical source. It has two interchangeable batteries, with two hours of autonomy each.

One of the main features of NANOPORE PEN 02 is its 6 programmable speeds for greater patient comfort, with digital display, which reach up to 9,600 rpm and 150 pulses per second.

The working depth of the needles is also adjustable and ranges from 0.25 mm to 1.5 mm.

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Penetration into the skin with small size needles:

  1. Generates growth factors.
  2. Improves cellular communication (cross-talk).
  3. Increases transepidermal absorption.
  4. Regulates membrane potential.
  5. Reduces wrinkles and pore size, decreases the depth of scars and stretch marks, evens out the skin tone, improves skin firmness and reduces hair loss.
  1. Apply an antiseptic solution (Hexidermol) to clean skin to ensure asepsis of the area to be treated.
  2. Insert a needle head into the NANOPORE PEN 02 device and adjust the desired depth.
  3. Apply the MESO CIT or NANO MESO solutions programmed in the treatment to the area to be treated, in order to lubricate the needles during the session and deliver active ingredients to the therapy.
  4. Select the needle penetration rate and press the start button.
  5. Start working at a constant speed. Do not focus its use on a single point. Start from the most resistant to the most sensitive areas: cheeks, chin, forehead and nose. End point: slight erythema.
  6. Finish the treatment by performing a gentle massage on the skin to promote the absorption of the applied solutions.
  7. Apply sunscreen.
  • Motor: 8V
  • Speed: up to 9,600 rpm
  • Needle penetration depth: 0.25 mm to 1.5 mm
  • Connection: wireless and cable to electric current
  • Battery: 2 interchangeable units of 2 hours autonomy each