Electric micropuncture medical device with CE 1639 health registration, indicated to: reduce skin imperfections, enhance the effectiveness of active ingredients, improve communication between skin cells. Can be used for treatment of atrophic scars (acne, burns), hypo and hyperpigmentation and alopecia.


  • More hygienic ergonomic design.
  • More intuitive: 4 buttons to configure the menu.
  • "Beep" and "timer" options on individual buttons.
  • Beep mode: Partial beeps to individualize the treatment.


Double action mechanism:

  • Physical-mechanical stimulus: The inflammatory cascade process (release of interleukins, cytokines and growth factors) activates the production of collagen and elastin. Improves the communication between the dermis and epidermis (keratinocyte to melanocyte), helping signals pass through the dermo-epidermal junction. It also improves cell-to-cell communication (crosstalk).
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Technical Data:

  • 100% Made in Spain
  • Adapter:   Input 100-240V AC at  50& 60Hz
  • Control unit: Output 12 V DC
  • Hand piece:  Input from 12 to 17 volt.
  • Operation: Continues 


Screw the needle into the head of the device and adjust the appropriate length. Put the cap on the device. Select the speed of the device and make passes in all directions, avoiding focusing its use on the same point. Start with the most sensitive areas towards the most resistant ones. The end point will be a slight erythema. Massage the remaining product onto the skin or remove it with a gauze pad.

  • Handpiece
  • Control unit: Console
  • Carrying case
  • Handpiece base
  • Connection cables
  • 1 focal stamp (manual pen)
  • 5 sterilized linear needles with 10 titanium-coated tips + nozzle (disposable; for single use)
  • Power source and adapter
  • Key and strap for carrying case
  • USB containing the user manual
  • Warranty certificate
  • CE Declaration of Conformity (Directives: health/medical product)

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