Chemical peel for photoaging on face, décolleté and hands.

50 ml - pH 0.5 - 1.5

Synergy of antioxidant and keratolytic actives for the treatment of photo damage on face, décolleté and hands.

Greater antioxidant power: The combination of Ferulic acid and e-vitC neutralizes the action of free radicals, protects the skin from photo-damage and reduces a high percentage of the thymine dimers.

Greater depigmenting power: Alpha-arbutin, together with ferulic acid and e-vitC, reduce tyrosinase activity.

Greater keratolytic power: The combination of TCA and salicylic acid dissolves the material that keeps the cells bound in the stratum corneum, moves the epidermis and promotes epidermal turnover.

Greater anti-aging power: Its active ingredients promote the formation of new collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid.

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After cleansing and degreasing the skin, protect the most delicate areas (eye contour, mouth area and nose wings) with a suitable product (Silkses Facial Moisturizing Protector). Apply 1-3 coats of Ferulac Valencia Peel according to the type of skin and the area to be treated.

The application must be carried out with a gauze or brush in quick and even strokes. Allow to dry in between coats. If wanted, massage the product until dry to boost its penetration. End the treatment by sealing the treated area with 1 coat of 3-Retises Nanopeel 1% and allow to work for 6-8 hours. After the contact time, the patient must wash the area with plenty of water and a gentle cleansing gel.

  • 10% TCA
  • 6% Ferulic acid
  • 5% Salicylic acid
  • 1% Vitamin c
  • 1% Alpha-arbutin

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